Man, did I ever miss this blank space on my little corner of the internet. So many things have been going on, but I haven't been able to sit down and put it all in words.

It's a little ironic that in my last post, I mentioned that blogging more was a goal of mine this year. That post was written on my birthday, (March 3) and I have been totally MIA since. Really Chanity? *eye roll*

Soooo, to catch up..


My baby girl turned 3 years old on 3/12! Where did the time go?!

Mama got a new car. My Altima finally bit the dust after 10 years, right after we paid off Houston's truck. The timing was crazy, but I'm thankful it worked out that way.

We took a week-long trip to North Carolina to visit our families. It was much-needed and we really had a good time. 

My ride-or-die got her hubby back! (And Ella got her buddy back!) After a long 6 months of deployment, our good friends were a complete family again. You wouldn't believe everything she went through in that period of time even if I told you, it was crazy. I'm glad her other half is home now. There's nothing better than a homecoming.♥


We have been on an emotional roller coaster since our trip back to NC. One of our grandparents isn't doing too well at all, so we have that in the back of our minds along with figuring out the best way to explain death to our children when the time comes. While we hope for many more years with this person, we don't know God's plan. All we can do is pray for comfort.


I registered for classes (start date, NEXT MONDAY. AHH!) and received my books in the mail. This is really happening. And while going to school to get my degree is a GOOD thing, I'm throwing this one in the not-so-good category for now because let's be real, I'm not looking forward to it.


My anxiety has been on a whole other level lately. It's not something I speak of often. I don't like to feel like a burden to others, or to come across as wanting attention. I am the QUEEN of acting like I'm ok and everything is fine for days, sometimes weeks until I explode. And in my case, 'exploding' means uncontrollably crying alone with what seems like an elephant on my chest for a while and then dusting myself off like nothing happened. Luckily, I seem to have enough control over the situation to make sure I fall apart (for lack of better words) when I'm alone and not in the middle of hands-on mama duties, teaching one of my classes at church, etc. 

After discussing these episodes more in detail with my doctor, I was informed that I am actually experiencing panic attacks. I see her biweekly and she has been helping to educate me and help me gain more control over my symptoms. More often than not, I have a drowning feeling all day. I do my best to keep my head above water. I have a lot going on, but refuse to complain because somewhere, someone has it harder. I try to stay mindful of the fact that there are people who would kill for my 'bad days'. 


Whew. So that's it. That's basically my life for the past 2 months. It definitely felt good to get it all out. I've missed my creative space. Here's hoping I can find time to break away more often and get a little more blog therapy in. ;)

What's something you find therapeutic?



"So your birthday is tomorrow. What is your goal for this year?" -- My sweet friend asked me this question yesterday and it really made me think! She is a very goal-driven person, which is something I really admire.. but I've never thought to set goals for myself for each year. With her question as motivation, I decided set 28 goals for my 28th year of life. Here we go!

1. Be more present with my kids. (Translation: PUT THE PHONE DOWN.)

2. Be better with time management.

3. Go to the beach more.. it's probably our last year in Florida!

4. Watch all bajillion seasons of Grey's Anatomy.

5. Wash my makeup off, every.single.night.

6. Cook more.

7. Make photo albums, with real photos.. not a printed book. 

8. Keep up with my hair/highlights. No more going 3 years in between haircuts!

9. Pray with more specific intent.

10. Upcycle more free/cheap furniture to work on my painting skills.

11. Blog more. (Storyofmylife)

12. Say NO more often to things that stress me out. 

13. Read at least a few books, other than my text books. 

14. Build my subscriber list. Wanna help? Sign up on the sidebar below my photo for weekly emails. ;)

15. Christmas shop early. 

16. Window shop for a new Mommy-mobile. It's almost time for an upgrade!

17. Have more family game nights.

18. Go to the doctor. Get a physical. Ugh. The grownup stuff I hate.

19. Start the Couch to 5K program. 

20. Make family dinners at the table more of a priority. 

21. Write more 'thank you' cards.

22. Drink way more water.

23. Read to my kids more.

24. Plan date nights - in or out of the house - for Houston & I.

25. Complete school assignments before the day they are due!

26. Learn everything about the stupid expensive camera that I rarely use. And then USE it. 

27. Hang out with my friends (let's be honest, friend. singular. haha!) more often. She's pretty amazing.

28. Keep growing my social platforms to benefit my blog. I mean, you could help there too if you really wanna ;) Social links are above my photo on the sidebar.

So that's it! Here's to being 28 and goal oriented!



This quote gets me through more days than I would like to admit. Parenting doesn't come with a handbook and no one has all of the right answers. Some days I think I have it together, but then I think to myself, 'Am I really a good mom? Am I doing everything I can to raise good human beings?

My kids are good kids, but I want to make sure they become good teenagers, good adults. I want them to be loving, understanding and compassionate. I want them to be strong, confident and independent. What mom doesn't want that for her kids, right? 

Not only do I want to raise good kids, I want to raise responsible kids. One of my favorite podcasts, Focus On The Family, recently aired an episode on this topic and it really spoke to me. 

They talked about how society has made it the norm that you should pave the path for your kid instead of your kid for the path, which breeds a sense of entitlement. We give them everything and more, and while there is nothing wrong with wanting to give your kids the world, I believe that should also come with a level of responsibility

Responsibility is something I am starting to take more seriously around here. My kids have never really had a list of chores, but I do expect them to clean up after themselves. I am now upping the ante with Ayden, (7). He is beyond capable of cleaning up the toilet that he pees all over, taking out the trash, helping with his laundry, etc. I want him to know how to do basic, everyday chores - life skills! We are even going to break it down for Ella on a 2 year old level somehow. She loves to clean right now, so I'm taking full advantage! ;)

I want them to know that while I don't mind spoiling them to an extent, (because let's be honest.. they are spoiled), I expect them to take care of their responsibilities around the house and be good people. That's not too much to ask, I don't think!

I really find peace in the 'you're already a good mom' quote above. I'm not perfect. I don't have it all together. My kids are not perfect. But we are all trying. I've started to really think twice about if what I am teaching my kids is paving them for the path, and not paving the path for them.



I have found myself sitting in front of this screen and flashing cursor more times than I can count recently with nothing to show for it. I want to pour out everything in my head and heart, but then I just don't. I have more blank drafts than I care to admit from logging in to write and then just clicking the little 'x' to close out this space altogether. I don't know why I have felt uninspired. Writing is and always has been an emotional outlet for me. 

Maybe that's why I am going through this little phase. I have been struggling with the whole "you should only be writing Pinterest-worthy content, something that teaches such as 5 steps to this or 10 ways for that.." If you're a blogger, you know what I mean. There's always an expert showing how we should be blogging. 

I actually read someone's post that said if you ever want to be a successful blogger, don't write about what your kids did over the weekend or your favorite memories. No one cares. ---- Maybe that's true, maybe not. But blogging will always be first and foremost for ME. For my sanity. If I make money along the way, awesome! I have already been fortunate enough to bring in a little extra income from here, but it was never my intention when creating a blog to focus on writing to make a dollar. If it fits organically, I am all over it. But I can't force myself to write in the style that is 100mph monetization. 

Personally, some of my favorite blogs to read are the ones that open up about their personal life, that I feel connected to. I like to know what their weekend plans are or what they are currently binge-watching on Netflix. I feel like some of these girls are my friends and that's what real friends talk about! 

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind throwing in those how-to posts, tips, tricks, etc.. as long as it fits, like I mentioned earlier, organically. 

Anyway, thank you to those who read my blog whether I post a how-to post or just to tell you how crazy my day was. I appreciate it. Really. Every comment, like and share really means the world to all bloggers. As much as I started this little space for me, I hope you find it a space for you too. 



Finding time to break away from the crazy that is my life has been hard to do! We have had so much going on and my brain is always on overload. I figured I would update you all with what's happening!

SCHOOL - So, it's official. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was planning on going back to school for some sort of business or accounting for our hopeful post-military woodworking business. That plan is finally a reality. We are just waiting on the VA to finish processing our GI Bill transfer request and we are good to go! I have a student number and everything. AH! I will be going to Saint Leo University for my Bachelor's in Business Administration with a Specialization in Accounting. (That's a mouthful..) I start in May and I am so nervous! #mamasgoingbacktoschool

PRESCHOOL - With me starting school, I will definitely need some time alone to get my work done. I will be going full time and all online, so time management is going to become my best friend. Ella turns 3 in a few weeks, so we will be enrolling her in our church's preschool program for 3's in September! They are already registering, so our plan is to get her tuition paid up front and lock in her spot. Her class will only be from 9-12, but with some disicipline, I can use that time to get my work done and maybe even squeeze in a day to run errands child-free! She's so excited to go to "school" every morning like her brother!

EXTENSION - Houston recently put in for a one year extension at this duty station, so we are happy to have some stability for at least another year. In a perfect world, we would like to get stationed back at Fort Bragg since North Carolina is home to both of us, but if we can't make that happen, staying put is the next best thing! I love Ayden's school, our church, our friends, my job, and just South Tampa in general. It's so beautiful and I am trying to be more intentional about soaking it all up!

So yeah, that's our life lately! Hopefully all of these things keep moving smoothly. Thank you all staying connected with us. ♥



As beautiful and sunny as it usually is here in Tampa, this past weekend was sooo cold!  

And yes, all of you in the snow can go ahead and hate me for that statement. I can say now that the North Carolina girl inside has become an official, thin-blooded Floridian. Sue me ;)

Anyway, with the chill in the air we thought it would be a great time to make some Crockpot chili! I have pulled many different recipes together over the years and added a few things of my own to get an awesome, hearty chili!

1 lb ground beef
1/2 cup chopped celery
1/2 cup chopped yellow onion
1/4 cup chopped green onion
2 tbsp chili powder
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 can petite diced tomatoes
1 can tomato sauce
1 can Bush's chili beans
1 can dark red kidney beans 
1 cup water
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 tbsp yellow mustard
1 tsp hot sauce
Salt & pepper (to taste)
shredded cheese
tortilla chips (optional)

•Brown ground beef with green onion, yellow onion and celery.  
•Drain and add to crockpot. 
•Pour in 1 cup of water, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, chili beans and kidney beans (all undrained). 
•Add salt, pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, mustard, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce and stir thoroughly
•Cover and cook on low 5-6 hours. 
•Top with shredded cheese and eat with tortilla chips (our favorite way) or with cornbread or crackers!  

Have a favorite chili recipe? Leave your links/pins in the comments! We are always looking for new ways to try an old favorite

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